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We are on a mission to be a leader in sustainable transformation

Our mission statement

"To be a leader in the transition towards a sustainable economy by investing in companies that can improve their Environmental, Social and Governance practices, and working with them to make positive changes from the inside."

Core values


Strategic Priorities

Net zero

We strive to reach a balance between the amount of greenhouse gases produced and removed from the atmosphere in order to halt global warming and mitigate the impact of climate change.

Circular economy

We aim to minimize waste and maximize resource efficiency by reusing and recycling materials in a closed-loop system, in order to create sustainable and regenerative economic growth.

Creating impact

Human health & well-being

We aim to improve the physical, mental, and social health and safety of individuals and communities, in order to create sustainable and equitable societies that promote the flourishing of all people.

Employee engagement

Our goal is to create a work environment that inspires employees to be fully dedicated and passionate about their work, while empowering them to realize their purpose in this world.

Protection & restoration of biodiversity

We protect and restore the variety of life on Earth, including all ecosystems and species, in order to maintain the planet’s ecological balance and support sustainable development for future generations.



We require impeccable behaviour and integrity in everything we do.


No subordination

Opinions and recommendations are developed based on analysis and teamwork, not based on subordination.


Stakeholder value creation

To create long-term stakeholder value we adhere to the principle win-win relationships with key stakeholders.



We are passionate about sustainability and business transformation.



We perform our tasks and functions in an objective and independent manner.



We treat all people with respect, regardless of background, race, gender, religion and position.



We value entrepreneurial thinking and acting as the best way to create stakeholder value.

We surpass conventional Private Equity practices fortified by the expertise of BrightWolves & Digit Mint

Standard practice


Financial screening: 

  • Does the investment meet our investment criteria?

  • Can we expect a decent return on invested capital?


Due Diligence: 

  • Financial

  • Operational

  • Legal

  • Commercial



Value creation: 

  • Financial engineering

  • Strategic distinctiveness

  • Operational efficiency

  • Monitoring & control

Financial return through: 

  • Multiple expansion

  • Sales growth & EBITDA growth

  • Debt reduction

Negative screening: 

  • Can target be potentially be 'net positive'?

Impact screening: 

  • Do we see potential for a sustainable transformation?

ESG Due Diligence

  • Includes preliminary materiality assessment and LCA assessments

Development of a sustainable transformation roadmap​

Sustainable transformation:

  • Concrete action plan to execute sustainable transformation roadmap

  • RSQ IM's as accountability partner for initiatives

  • Monitoring & measuring impact

Positive impact:

  • Transition towards net zero

  • Transition towards a circular economy

  • Human health & well-being

  • Improved employee engagement

  • Protection and restoration of biodiversity

RSQ Investors

Fortified by



Our investment criteria

Must-have requirements

RSQ targets investments with an enterprise value up to €20m.

Ticket size

RSQ aims to be the reference shareholder with significant influence.

Reference shareholder

We invest in companies with ESG issues with the potential to improve.

Transformation potential

RSQ invests in companies that have demonstrated profitability.

Proven profitability

RSQ invests in companies with a defendable market position.

Market Position

Geographic scope

RSQ has a preference for investments in Belgium.

Management team

RSQ prefers strong managements teams, but it has the capabilities to assume interim management if needed.

Exit strategy

RSQ invests for the long-term and does not have a fixed investment horizon.

Cash flow generation

RSQ prefers companies with strong cash flows. Investments in companies that are temporarily facing a crisis are not excluded.

Sector agnostic

RSQ does not have a specific sector focus.

RSQ Investors' investment criteria

Nice-to-have requirements

What we bring to the table

Expertise in business transformation

The Quanteus Group excels in business transformation by effectively bridging the gap between strategy and implementation.

Long-term perspective

Hands-on understanding of sustainable best practices

Through BrightWolves we have comprehensive hands-on expertise in sustainable best practices across various industries.

Being a multi-family private equity grants us the flexibility and agility, as well as the capacity to adopt a long-term perspective.


We are driven by the 'INSPIRE' values: Integrity, No subordination, Stakeholder value creation, Passion, Independence, Respect and Entrepreneurship.


We approach every aspect of our work with an entrepreneurial mindset, embracing innovation, adaptability, and a proactive approach to drive growth and achieve outstanding results.

Vast network of experts

We have access to an extensive network of experts spanning diverse fields and industries.

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